Necessary Gear and Equipment for Walleye Fishing

Necessary Gear and Equipment for Walleye Fishing

There are numerous things you should consider when planning to pursue walleye fishing. Some of these may include tackle, reels, and rods. If you’re going to go ice fishing and boat fishing, you will need ice fishing equipment, motor, a boat, and some electronics. When it comes to walleye fishing, your tackle is essential. Some of the baits you might need include jigs, Line Dancer, rigs, Rapala lures, crankbaits, and so on. You will also require leadheads and hooks and a tackle box where you can keep all things in.

Walleye Fishing Electronics

In terms of electronics, you would want to have a sonar system, a GPS system, and an underwater camera for people who like to take the guest work to find walleyes. Once you plan to fish out on the lakes, you’ll require a good motor and a boat. 

If you are going for ice fishing, you will need reels and rods, heater, tip ups, lures, augers, locators, and houses. You will need a few things to help you catch walleyes better. If you succeed in a certain bait in various conditions, it’ll be much easier for you to narrow down some things you require in tackle box.

Line Dancer

It has become a popular product in the world of fishing. This small gadget enables you to boost your bait’s vibration that increases your chances to catch walleyes through live presentation. You may use line dancer with spinners, frogs, worms, spoons, crank baits, jigs, stick baits, and buzz baits. It’s quite a revolution for those who are interested with walleye fishing. You don’t need any particular fishing skill level to use this. 


It’s something that all anglers want to have. It works great for walleye fishing, but it depends on the condition of the water and weather. It’s basically a surface bobber, which dances on the water’s surface attracting fish. Walleyes don’t come to the surface unless it’s cloudy, so it’s just good at particular times. This lure is suited for imitating a baitfish, but it’s only effective in particular conditions.

Eagle GPS

It comes with a speed indicator, which will tell your speed whenever you are trolling. It’s required if you’re trolling for walleyes during daytime and night time. You might want to keep the speed at a particular point when trolling and its system works well to give you the information you need. That is why this GPS system may come in handy for walleye fishing.

Kayaking, From Beginners to Experts Tips

Kayaks are typically built using a mixture of fibreglass and plastic with a design to match different environments, which include lakes, oceans and rough waters in general. The primary source of learning to kayak involves the ability to paddle, but becoming a great kayaker involves much more technique and the proper use of equipment. We have offered some tips for beginners to get a start on their water activities and make a start to the journey of becoming an expert kayaker.

Why Should We Use a Kayak?

Kayaks are made for more mobile users and can hold from one to three individuals depending on the model. This is also very dependent on the material of the kayak as the strength of the vessel determines the rigidity and stability with more passengers. Plastic Kayaks can be found as the cheapest and are used for recreational users whereas Kevlar kayaks are much more expensive and are reserved for the more seasoned professionals. There are a variety of more professional kayak types which should most definitely be taken into consideration as to become an expert; you need to handle the best gear from the get-go.

We recommend doing your research on the materials and shapes that are used based on the type of activities you are planning to use your kayak for. For sea kayaks, a longer body on the vessel can assist in covering much more distance and have much more stability compared to Whitewater vessels which are made more for protection from rocky surfaces and rough terrains.

As experts and kayakers ourselves, we recommend using sit top kayaks as they often have the most stability for beginners and are very easy to set up and venture out. They are also extremely lightweight and low-maintenance which makes for an easy purchase for the first-time beginners of our community.

Please take the time to read this article to learn more about the benefits of kayaking for your inner health,

Getting the right safety equipment

Safety is often the most overlooked aspect of watersports, and we are here to tell you that if you do not make it back from your first attempt, there is a 100 per cent chance you will not be going on your second kayak anytime soon. Get the right equipment from the beginning and invest in floatation devices that will be keeping your head above water during any potential accidents. We take safety very importantly and invest in helmets that will keep our skulls out of danger. Lastly, you will often put in some time and effort finding the right bags to keep your belongings safe, but you want to be sure that this remains waterproof to protect your personal belongings and to keep them out of the water while you fall in.

Learning How to Kayak

Basic paddling and safety are of the utmost importance, and we recommend that you either take a few lessons or invest in an instructor that can take you through the necessary techniques to make your way out on following sessions. Proper technique demands less strenuous effort and can keep you on the waters for a more extended period. During the initial teaching phase, you will not require any equipment as your fees usually include hire, which can help you understand whether this sport is indeed for you or not.

There you have it! These are our tips for you and for the beginners who may be reading this, kayaking is a sport which requires a proper investment and to be sure that you will be continuing, we look forward to seeing you out on the calm waters for a bit of fun!

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Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Trolling Motor Battery For Your Fishing Boat

With advancements in energy storing technologies, the batteries have come a long way in the past couple of years. Today, you can find several batteries designed to serve a specific purpose. Experts advise that you should choose the right type of battery for a particular operation. Preferably, you should hook up a dedicated trolling motor battery to trolling motor instead of hooking up the motor to a car battery.

Here are a few advantages of using a trolling motor battery.

Water-Resistant Nature

The trolling motor batteries are usually water-resistant. Unlike conventional car batteries, the vent holes on these batteries are protected with the necessary plastic coating to prevent any water seepage. The battery is exposed to a lot of seawater on a regular basis since it spends a lot of time at the sea. Any contamination of the electrolyte can severely harm the battery and cause short-circuiting.

The modern-day trolling batteries have a design architecture that allows the vent holes an easy opening for breathability without compromising on the safety of the device.

trolling motor battery Styles


Vibration Proof Coating

Most trolling motor batteries are used near a trolling motor. This open end usage exposes the battery to severe vibrations. Excessive vibrations can easily cause the electrolyte within the battery to slosh from side to side. These excessive vibrations can then cause faster deterioration of the electrodes as well as the inner wall linings of the battery.

With a vibration proof coating, the battery cover absorbs a fair amount of vibrations from the motor. Branded trolling motors usually come with a complete set of fixtures to hold the unit firmly in place on the boat.

Deep Cycle Application and Faster Recharge Cycles

Car batteries are not suitable for trolling motors because of their low cycle operation. A 14V car battery is not capable of providing any power to the motor in case the voltage falls below 11V. However, the deep cycle operationon the trolling motor batteries allows it to power the motor easily under similar circumstances.

Apart from this, the best trolling motor battery usually feature a faster recharge cycle. You can essentially recharge the battery within a couple of hours to provide a full day of power to the trolling motor.

Excellent CCA Ratings

CCA is the acronym for Cold Cranking Amperage. The trolling motor batteries feature an excellent CCA rating to power the trolling motor flywheel. It is impossible for a battery to run a trolling motor without this type of CCA rating and reliability.

Extended Lifespan

Unlike car batteries, the trolling motor batteries usually have a longer lifespan. You don’t need to change them every year. Instead, the best trolling motor batteries can function efficiently for up to a decade. These batteries also feature an extended warranty period.

With so many advantages over the conventional car batteries, going for a trolling motor battery for the boat is a wise choice. The extended lifespan and deep cycle operations help the trolling motor battery provide an exceptional return on investment.

Pike Fishing 101: Expert Guide

Pike is a widespread type of fish which is one of the best-develop predatory species. They are the top attacking fish in almost any water system that holds them. A great resource for Pike Fishing Tips –>

Best bass fishing lures

Pike are hard fighters, voracious feeders but also not rarely, overseen by fishermen. However, they are able to provide great fishing action for those who know how to approach pike fishing. To help with that process here is some crucial information on pike fishing. It will cover all of the basics when it comes to fishing for pike, including its habitat, behaviour and everything else that will make catching them more likely.

Pike habitat 

Submerged vegetation is the essential element of the water environment that the pike prefers. Thanks to its torpedo-like body and a mouth filled with teeth, this fish is extremely effective when it comes to catching fish in weedy and tight quarters. Pike also love to choose shallow habitats, so any area that has been recently flooded near major waterways will likely hold one or two pikes.

Covering a lot of Ground

Pike is an aggressive fish and this is seen in any environment it inhabits. If a lure or bait appears, pike will first try to gauge it and then it will attack in a short time frame. There is little chance that they will notice a lure and decide to move away. This is why any area where a fisherman might choose to fish should provide encouraging signs in the first half an hour. If there is none, the chances are that pike is not present. Because of this, a fisherman should try to cover a lot more ground than in regular fishing. Like it was mentioned, the best spots are grass and weed areas where pikes generally operate. Going to as many of these as possible should be the objective of any would-be pike fisherman.

Vibrant Colors

Pike hunt using their visual sense a lot more than many other species. This is why a pike fisherman should use high-visibility tones like orange and white, especially in contrast to the muddy-green waters of their habitats. Using bright colors, even those which might seem too outlandish for the natural environment has always been a good way to catch them.

Lures Based on Vibration

Aside from their eyes, pike also utilizes a lot of their sense of sound and vibration in the water. This generally makes them less open to living bait but an excellent target for lures. There are many that work wonders when it comes to generating both vibration and audible effects inside of the water. But, in this category, the top performing lures are spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and inline spinners. Every one of these will get the job done by attracting pike’s attention.

Best Time to Fish for Pike

Trophy pike can be found year-round, but for the best concentration of them, fishermen should choose the end of June as well as the entire July. These months work great for pursuing some serious pike and counting on their appetite. During this time, wranglers stand a good chance to catch them as long as they avoid midday periods for hunting and focus on early mornings when the water is still cool.

With this expert guide, anyone will be able to use the knowledge and the experience of many generations of fishermen to find a way to fish for pike with great success.


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