Necessary Gear and Equipment for Walleye Fishing

Necessary Gear and Equipment for Walleye Fishing

There are numerous things you should consider when planning to pursue walleye fishing. Some of these may include tackle, reels, and rods. If you’re going to go ice fishing and boat fishing, you will need ice fishing equipment, motor, a boat, and some electronics. When it comes to walleye fishing, your tackle is essential. Some of the baits you might need include jigs, Line Dancer, rigs, Rapala lures, crankbaits, and so on. You will also require leadheads and hooks and a tackle box where you can keep all things in.

Walleye Fishing Electronics

In terms of electronics, you would want to have a sonar system, a GPS system, and an underwater camera for people who like to take the guest work to find walleyes. Once you plan to fish out on the lakes, you’ll require a good motor and a boat. 

If you are going for ice fishing, you will need reels and rods, heater, tip ups, lures, augers, locators, and houses. You will need a few things to help you catch walleyes better. If you succeed in a certain bait in various conditions, it’ll be much easier for you to narrow down some things you require in tackle box.

Line Dancer

It has become a popular product in the world of fishing. This small gadget enables you to boost your bait’s vibration that increases your chances to catch walleyes through live presentation. You may use line dancer with spinners, frogs, worms, spoons, crank baits, jigs, stick baits, and buzz baits. It’s quite a revolution for those who are interested with walleye fishing. You don’t need any particular fishing skill level to use this. 


It’s something that all anglers want to have. It works great for walleye fishing, but it depends on the condition of the water and weather. It’s basically a surface bobber, which dances on the water’s surface attracting fish. Walleyes don’t come to the surface unless it’s cloudy, so it’s just good at particular times. This lure is suited for imitating a baitfish, but it’s only effective in particular conditions.

Eagle GPS

It comes with a speed indicator, which will tell your speed whenever you are trolling. It’s required if you’re trolling for walleyes during daytime and night time. You might want to keep the speed at a particular point when trolling and its system works well to give you the information you need. That is why this GPS system may come in handy for walleye fishing.