Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Trolling Motor Battery For Your Fishing Boat

With advancements in energy storing technologies, the batteries have come a long way in the past couple of years. Today, you can find several batteries designed to serve a specific purpose. Experts advise that you should choose the right type of battery for a particular operation. Preferably, you should hook up a dedicated trolling motor battery to trolling motor instead of hooking up the motor to a car battery.

Here are a few advantages of using a trolling motor battery.

Water-Resistant Nature

The trolling motor batteries are usually water-resistant. Unlike conventional car batteries, the vent holes on these batteries are protected with the necessary plastic coating to prevent any water seepage. The battery is exposed to a lot of seawater on a regular basis since it spends a lot of time at the sea. Any contamination of the electrolyte can severely harm the battery and cause short-circuiting.

The modern-day trolling batteries have a design architecture that allows the vent holes an easy opening for breathability without compromising on the safety of the device.

trolling motor battery Styles


Vibration Proof Coating

Most trolling motor batteries are used near a trolling motor. This open end usage exposes the battery to severe vibrations. Excessive vibrations can easily cause the electrolyte within the battery to slosh from side to side. These excessive vibrations can then cause faster deterioration of the electrodes as well as the inner wall linings of the battery.

With a vibration proof coating, the battery cover absorbs a fair amount of vibrations from the motor. Branded trolling motors usually come with a complete set of fixtures to hold the unit firmly in place on the boat.

Deep Cycle Application and Faster Recharge Cycles

Car batteries are not suitable for trolling motors because of their low cycle operation. A 14V car battery is not capable of providing any power to the motor in case the voltage falls below 11V. However, the deep cycle operationon the trolling motor batteries allows it to power the motor easily under similar circumstances.

Apart from this, the best trolling motor battery usually feature a faster recharge cycle. You can essentially recharge the battery within a couple of hours to provide a full day of power to the trolling motor.

Excellent CCA Ratings

CCA is the acronym for Cold Cranking Amperage. The trolling motor batteries feature an excellent CCA rating to power the trolling motor flywheel. It is impossible for a battery to run a trolling motor without this type of CCA rating and reliability.

Extended Lifespan

Unlike car batteries, the trolling motor batteries usually have a longer lifespan. You don’t need to change them every year. Instead, the best trolling motor batteries can function efficiently for up to a decade. These batteries also feature an extended warranty period.

With so many advantages over the conventional car batteries, going for a trolling motor battery for the boat is a wise choice. The extended lifespan and deep cycle operations help the trolling motor battery provide an exceptional return on investment.

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